How it All Started

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FullSizeRender (3)I have just completed my first solo album entitled “Something’s Coming.”  I have already released two of the six tracks and hope you have had a chance to listen.

It has been such an amazing journey.

Almost two years ago I stuck a single dollar bill in an envelope. Just like most musicians, I don’t have a lot of extra scratch. In fact, I work a full time job outside the music industry to pay for beer and cigarettes. But music has been my life since I can remember and I had a dream of producing a solo album.

So over the last 18-24 months I have been slowly adding to the envelope. Birthday money, tips from other gigs and random cash left over from whatever, has gone into that envelope. About a year ago I starting going into the studio to begin the process of laying down my music.

Every song is an original and represents a piece of my life thus far. I not only wrote the words and melody line but as each song was in the process of being composed, I could hear each instrument, each down beat and every nuance of what the finished product would sound like.

Over time, I gathered together some key musician friends that I’ve jammed with and admired and they join me on this finished product. I shared with them my tonal vision and they were amazing to bring to life the sound I could hear in my head. In some cases, like Tim and Joel, I would merely say – “guys, I need a little something-something during these measures” and they performed their genius.

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In the meantime, here are the first two songs – enjoy and please share!


I Won’t Give Up