Something’s Coming

Ben in the studio kent hotel

Latest Single – “I Won’t Give Up” is now available for FREE

i won't give upWritten with James Dawson around the spring of 2012. Dawson had the chords and Ben came up with the vocal and guitar melodies and used some words from a notebook he was writing in during the recovery from a car crash. The sporadic saxophone is Tim who originally just came in to track for Connect but knocked it out so quick we decided to try a splash of the sax on this one!

Download “I Won’t Give Up” for free!


Something’s Coming is a personal journey representing stories of life, struggle, relationships and hope.

Over the past decade on the music scene in Kent, I have had the opportunity to play with many great musicians including members of Vanishing Apollo and Drunken Sunday. Together we have collaborated on a variety of musical numbers and explored an array of genres represented by some of our favorite musical influences.

Something’s Coming is my first foray into the solo world of music however; great music is never created in a vacuum. On this album I have gathered together some of the elite musical talent from Northeast Ohio. Thank you to all who have inspired and encouraged this album. Also, a special love note to Brittany; my other half.

  1. Something’s Coming
  2. Connect (Tim Younessi, Tropidelic – saxophone)
  3. Everywhere But There
  4. Two – Way Mirror (Joel Covender, Drunken Sunday – lead guitar)
  5. Autumn Leaves (Winters Stay with You)
  6. I Won’t Give Up (Tim Younessi, Tropidelic – saxophone)

Chris “Bubba” Gray – Vanishing Apollo – Keyboard, drums and trumpet

Ben Brown, Vanishing Apollo and Drunken Sunday– vocals, bass, rhythm guitar

Status Update on the album, Something’s Coming.  The recording is complete and we have finished the mix stage. We are now in the process of having a master made. Very shortly you will be able to download and listen to six new original songs.

in the studio







Listening to the latest mix of SOMETHINGS COMING at RCR Studios!

Here’s Cary Crichlow working his magic!